Kit# E12086, _ Hester, , Updated: 03-10-2012

Tests: Y12, Deep Clade, mtDNA, Family Finder
  1. Thomas Taylor + Margaret Swinderby/
    Follows maternal line:
    1. Anne Taylor m Miles Cary (b.1620, Christened 22 Jan 1622, All Saints Church Bristol, England)
      1. Mile Cary (b 1655 Virginia - d.1709 Richneck, VA) + Mary Wilson/
      2. Wilson Cary + Sarah Pate/
      3. Ann Cary + Robert Carter Nicholas
        2nd gr. Grandparents of Matilda Prather Nicholas, donor's grandmother.
  2. John Taylor (b.1607 Pennington Castle, Cumberland Co, ENG) + Elizabeth Nin (b.ca1610  Hadleigh, Suffolkshire, England)
  3. John Taylor (b.1627 Hadleigh, Suffolk, England) + Alice Gascoigne
    Follows maternal line:
    1. Elisha Taylor (b.ca1645 ENG) + Edmond Basye Sr. (m.1671 Northumberland, VA)
    2. Elizabeth Basye (b ca1694  Northumberland, VA) m John Coppege
    3. Mitochondrial HVR1 Mutations 16295T and 16519C transmittable in the maternal line
    4. Sarah Coppage m William Cumming
    5. Elizabeth Cumming m Nicholas Hobbs
    6. Sarah Hobbs m Samuel Lawrence
    7. Urath Owings Lawrence m James Brown
    8. Sarah Lawrence Brown m Patrick Henry Pope
    9. Mary Anna Pope m George Nicholas III
    10. Matilda Prather Nicholas s.a. m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland
    11. Anna Pope Bland b 1908 m Dr. Eustace Granger Hester / me + 3
    12. Kit donor